metronome of knife to cutting board
a chorus of sounds

my eyes well up as
she continues without a single tear

down the hall, the piercing smells
overtake us

she hums and mutters
moving to her own beat

a small … more »

Personal Taxonomy by Peter KS Yu

Tamagawa Kanjin. This was my father’s name. He told me that Tamagawa is Japanese for marble river. Such a conflicted meaning–marble does not flow. Other translations, jewel river and bullet river, are just as poetic and unclear. But … more »

I always had a penchant for doing things I wasn’t supposed to, especially as a child. One hazy summer, I was poking around on my mother’s silver MacBook, feeling quite clever for having cracked her not-so-difficult password: my full name. … more »

Obachan is a force to be reckoned with. She guides me through Tokyo Station with the speed and efficiency of someone less than half her age. Her body, eighty-three years in the making, carries its own weight, its own burdens, more »