Ricepaper Magazine Exclusive: Poet and Musician Janice Lee

What is slam poetry and why is spoken word important to our own social understanding? 

janice lee

Ricepaper Magazine sits down with Asian-Canadian poet, song writer and community organizer, Janice Lee at a house show in Vancouver. The Kitchener-Waterloo native discusses the … more »

Doretta Lau’s book How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?

Doretta Lau, How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?

Why is Doretta Lau holding her new book in front of Subeez Cafe? Because it’s one of the many Vancouver locations in her short story collection How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the...

Uploaded: a profile of Andrew Huang

Uploaded: a profile of Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang’s musical mystique is an exploration. Different environments conjure different personalities, different auras and different sounds. Like a chameleon, he is able to instinctually morph to suit his surrounding, whether it is the soulful rhythm of a heartbreaking ballad … more »

Editor’s Note: Shared Realm

I gather alphabetized concepts of
Slice into its heart and
open my veins
I carve Xa’al’s paragraphs onto
trees, pulverized and flattened
Under the flat-white surfaces,
ancestral bones rattle
Play an old game of Lahal
My sticks know these more »

Don't Call Me Hapa

Don’t Call Me Hapa

By Aaron Leaf

Published in 16.3

THERE WAS A MOMENT IN HIGH SCHOOL when I was fascinated with mixed-race identity and the word “Hapa.” Using this Hawaiian term meaning “half” as in “half-white” to describe myself felt empowering, somehow. My … more »

Sales and Stand Up: a profile of Dennis Litonjua

Sales and Stand Up: a profile of Dennis Litonjua

By day, Dennis Litonjua can clock 400 clicks driving around the city. His civilian day job requires him to be constantly on the road. But by night, he can still be found on the go—he goes comedy-club hopping, rushing onto … more »

Legal Limbo: Revisiting Canada's Approach to Refugees

Legal Limbo: Revisiting Canada’s Approach to Refugees

Published in 16.3, by Donna Seto

An acquaintance of mine once asked where I had parked my Mercedes. My initial response was that I didn’t own a Mercedes or a car for that matter. He responded with utter confusion, … more »

From Mother to Daughter: A Story of Iris Chang

From Mother to Daughter: A Story of Iris Chang

Published in 16.4

In The Woman Who Could Not Forget, Ying-Ying Chang paints an intimate portrait of her daughter, Iris Chang: an intense, passionate young historian who changed the world’s view of World War II with her exposure of … more »

Eau, Water! A Personal Essay

Eau, Water! A Personal Essay

Published in 16.2

I would like to acknowledge that I wrote this essay while living on the traditional, unceded territories of Coast Salish peoples. The essay also covers experiences I had during a time when I lived on the traditional more »

'EN: A Raincity Street Dance': A Contemporary Vancouver Performance

‘EN: A Raincity Street Dance’: A Contemporary Vancouver Performance

Published in 16.2

Many of the creative catalysts leading to EN: a raincity street dance have been almost accidental. In fact my very entrée to the project was quite the product of fate. I was rehearsing the TomoeArts’ production, Ten more »

What is Asian?

By Jessa Alston-O’Connor
Published in 17.1

In my first year of grad school in Montreal, I overheard a conversation on Ste-Catherine Street: two non-Asian friends were walking ahead of me, discussing the popular dish General Tso’s chicken. “I know it’s … more »

An Interview with Angry Asian Man

by Tetsuro Shigematsu
Published in 17.1

Angry Asian Man is the most important blog in the world. In fact, whether you read it or not, it’s the most important blog in your life. 

If you are reading this magazine, chances … more »