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your blood goes picnicking at a grave
            brooms and burnt paper in hand

4/4/[2000 + 4×4]

At Qīngmíng only the magnolia huā (花)
bloomed munificent white against a grey curb.
Like the first mourner at a mythic funeral
you—little (华)… more »

Eileen Li is an up and coming Asian-Canadian actress who currently lives in Toronto. While she initially attended the University of Waterloo for kinesiology, she finished school with a professional degree in dramatic arts and optimized her degree through the more »

Six Canadians and Americans talk about the awkward, strange, and memorable times they imagined saying or actually said “I love you” to their parents.

Interviews by Pik-Shuen Fung

*Some names have been changed at the request of the interviewees.

Lily*: more »

June 15, 2006.

A friend had sent the Kangs an email from Nantong, China: “If you watch your lives and care about things that happen around you, you will find you cannot live your life without being cheated every day more »

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