hong kong

This is how it may start to end,
round of applause for the chief exec
to exit, quaintly hugging
in a photo op her family,
handshake, flowers.

There is no such easy exit tho,
one side wants blood,
the other … more »

The graduation ceremony
had to end early, the chancellor
left with guards. Students
held signs in black gowns, saying,
“You can’t kill us all.”
How do we live up to that?

Inaudible, the sound of choice
midst human traffic.

These … more »

Yellow Duckie [1953]

by Silvia Leung

I am the only boy in the neighbourhood to have a wooden duckie. This yellow duckie quacks and rolls when I pull it along on a long string.

Boys and girls everywhere come and look at my yellow toy. They … more »

The humidity of the weather made everything a dream.  Within a week, how had I come from being a minimum-wage waiter in Canada, to being a teacher in Hong Kong with a paid apartment; generous salary and benefits; and given more »

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