Just like that you are awake and the red lines of the radio-clock sketch 02:17 in the dark. Mind takes a minute to remember where you are. The switch for the bedside lamp is helpfully illuminated, a gentle glow that more »

THE COMPANY MEN insisted they were correct.

Dul Hak Kun, Senior Vice President

Talent Systems Management

Generation Group, Seoul

Almost everything about the new business cards was familiar: the logo, the layout, the lettering. But one change worried Hak Kun. … more »

June 15, 2006.

A friend had sent the Kangs an email from Nantong, China: “If you watch your lives and care about things that happen around you, you will find you cannot live your life without being cheated every day more »

People often define themselves by what they are and what they can do. The last dinner party conversation you had probably went something like this:

Hey, I’m ___. I’m a lawyer. Or a doctor, or an engineer, or a dentist, more »