William Tham Wai Liang

My impressions of Montréal were a haze of summer memories: Leonard Cohen’s mural just off Boulevard Saint-Laurent, not far from where mourners gathered on his doorstep upon hearing the news of his death; the elegant staircases snaking up the facades more »

I was in Calgary again.

A heat warning was in effect and direct sunlight was blinding, leaving me dazed by how bright and hot it was. In the summer it became easier to make decisions because I became impatient and more »



The town of Wesleyville lies off the grid. No road signs point in its direction and it has lain empty for decades near the shore of Lake Ontario. It is yet another Canadian ghost town. But the church hummed … more »


Saturday morning.

The peaceful crowd forms a circle on the cross of Main and Hastings, fanning out indecisively from the Carnegie Community Centre and on to the crosswalks. The traffic lights continue to flash, green, amber, red, and the last … more »

William Tham writes about an ambiguous return to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after being away for several years in the first of two stories about his experiences there.


The city began where the Gombak and the Klang Rivers intersect. You can more »

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